PRAI 2024 Call for Invited & Special Sessions

Invited sessions consist of 5 to 10 thematically related invited papers. Invited session proposals consist of a brief statement of purpose and extended abstracts of the included invited papers.

Invited papers are submitted and reviewed following the same process as contributed papers, and are included in the conference proceeding.

Special-session proposals should be submitted by the prospective organizer(s) who will commit to promoting and handling the review process of their special session as Chairs or Co-Chairs of the event.

1. Special Session包括5-10篇主题相关的论文,提案包括目的的简要说明和邀请论文的详细摘要。   
2. Special Session提案应由组织者提交,他们将作为special session主席或联合主席,促进Special Session的召开和处理Special Session文章审查过程。   
3.  提交给Special Session论文将按照与常会相同的标准进行评估和同行评审,并列入会议论文集。

Proposals should include the following information:
● Title;
● Name(s) of organizer(s);
● Email of main contact person;
● Brief bio(s) of organizer(s);
● Brief description;
● Related topics;
● Potential participants;
● A draft of the CFP;
● Description of publicity and promotion plan;

Please provide all the information requested above when preparing your special-session proposal before submitting it in PDF format by E-mail to PRAI 2024 via

Papers submitted to special sessions will have to be evaluated and peer-reviewed along the very same criteria of the regular sessions.