PRAI 2024 Call for Papers

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Special Session 1 - Artificial Intelligence in Medical Image Analysis
Special Session 2 - Deep Learning for Intelligent Systems and Pattern Recognition
Special Session 3 - Edge AI and Visual Analysis

Special Session 4 - Intelligent Data Analysis and Cyber Security
Special Session 5 - Intelligent affective computing and human-computer interaction systems
Special Session 6 - Artificial Intelligence for Aerospace applications
Special Session 7 - Multi-modal Information Processing
Special Session 8 - Pioneering Next-Generation of Power Technologies

The PRAI 2024 solicits contributions of abstracts, full papers and posters that address themes and topics of the conference. The topics of interest include, but not limited to the following:

【Call for Papers & Tracks 】

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Track 1. Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
Chair: Chi-Man Vong, University of Macau, China

  • Statistical, syntactic and structural pattern recognition
    Machine learning
    Artificial neural networks
    Classification and clustering
    Graphical models for pattern recognition
    Pattern recognition for big data
    Deep learning
    Symbolic learning
    Active and ensemble learning
    Reinforcement learning and temporal models
    Transfer learning
    Semi-supervised learning


Track 2. Multiagent System and Robot Vision
Chair: Zhi-xing Yang, University of Macau, China

  • Agent theories and models
    Multiagent systems
    Agent cooperation
    Knowledge representation and reasoning
    Organizations and institutions
    Social networks
    Socio-technical systems
    Normative systems
    Monitoring agent societies
    Multiagent learning
    Deep learning
    Adversarial machine learning
    Learning agent capabilities
    Learning agent-to-agent interactions (More...)

Track 3. Image, Speech, Signal and Video Processing
Chairs: Tao Chen, Fudan University, China
Dinghan Hu, Hangzhou Dianzi University, China

  • Image and video analysis and understanding
    Sensor array & multichannel signal processing
    Segmentation, features and descriptors
    Texture and color analysis
    Enhancement, restoration and filtering
    Coding, compression and super-resolution
    Facial expression recognition
    Affective computing
    Human computer interaction
    Human body motion and gesture based interaction
    Audio and acoustic processing and analysis
    Automatic speech and speaker recognition
    Spoken language processing
    Speech and natural language based interaction
    Group interaction: analysis of verbal and non-verbal communication
    Multimedia analysis, indexing and retrieval
    Depth & range sensor data processing and analysis

Track 4. Artificial Intelligence and Smart Healthcare
Chairs: Baiying Lei, Shenzhen University, China

  • AI Application for healthcare
    Clinical and medical data modeling & analytics
    Smart/Mobile devices for healthcare
    ICT Industry and research community
    Dig-based smart healthcare
    Wearable health informatics
    Human-machine interfaces for disabled persons
    ICT, ageing and disability
    Design and development of methodologies for healthcare
    Mobile technologies for healthcare applications
    Evaluation and use of healthcare data
    AI + Healthcare management systems
    Development of assistive technology
    Electronic health records and standards
    MRI-based image processing
    Pervasive health systems and services
    CT-based image processing
    e-Health applications
    Medical robotics
    Imaging and hardware for health care
    Brain-computer interfaces (More...)

Track 5. Unmanned Systems and Intelligent Perception
Chair: Guan Gui, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

  • Autonomous unmanned concept, architecture, and framework
    Autonomous unmanned theory, method, key technologies and tools
    Autonomous unmanned aircraft systems
    Autonomous unmanned ground systems
    Autonomous unmanned surface/underwater systems
    Autonomous unmanned technology and its application
    Intelligent information fusion and processing of unmanned systems
    Intelligent perception system
    Intelligent perception for autonomous unmanned
    Modeling and simulation technology for intelligent perception

Track 6. Intelligent Detection, Tracking and Recognition
Chair: Yi Jin, Beijing Jiaotong University, China

  • Intelligent detection
    2D/3D object detection
    2D/3D object recognition
    2D/3D object tracking
    3D object version
    Motion, tracking and video analysis
    3D sensors: depth sensors, ToF, Kinect
    Activity and event analysis
    Scene understanding
    Occlusion and shadow detection
    Stereo and multiple view geometry
    Reconstruction and camera motion estimation
    Deformable object tracking and registration

Track 7. Biomedical Signal Processing and Applications
Chairs: Nenggan Zheng, Zhejiang University, China
Duanpo Wu, Hangzhou Dianzi University, China

  • Medical and biological imaging
    Molecular and cellular image analysis
    Data mining for biological databases
    Algorithms for molecular biology
    Bioelectric signal (EEG/ECG/EMG/EGG/ERG)
    Biomagnetic signal (MCG/MEG)
    Bio-signal processing and analysis
    Machine learning for biosignal processing
    Bioinstrumentation and biosensors
    Spectrum analysis of biomedical signals
    Biomedical signal compression technology
    Medical application of signal averaging Technology
    Amplifier and A/D Conversion
    Segmentation of biomedical images
    Medical signal and image transmission
    Biomedical imaging analysis
    Biomedical imaging visualization
    Image measurement and acquisition
    Biomedical imaging Segmentation and 3D visualization
    Biomedical imaging registration
    Biomedical image matching
    Biomedical imaging feature extraction

Track 8. Intelligent Manufacturing and Data Mining
Chair: Xiumei Li, Hangzhou Normal University, China

  • Data mining
    Digital twin and intelligent construction
    AI+intelligent manufacturing
    AI+intelligent design
    AI+manufacturing services
    AI+intelligent equipment
    Decision making and related algorithms
    Interdisciplinary studies of fuzzy logic and data mining
    Data mining application

Track 9. Internet of Things and Optimization Control
Chair: Huanqiang Zeng, Huaqiao University, China

  • Edge computing
    AI-based resource allocation
    IoT device security
    Wireless network optimization
    Edge computing
    Intelligent spectrum management
    Cognitive radio networks
    Predictive maintenance for IoT devices
    AI-driven energy efficiency in wireless networks
    Smart connectivity in IoT
    Machine learning for channel estimation
    Optimization control method and application


Track 10. Regional Energy and Smart Grids
Tianlei Wang, Hangzhou Dianzi University, China

  • Regional energy concept, theory, method, architecture, and framework
    Regional energy applications
    Smart grids concept, theory, method, architecture, and framework
    Smart grid architectures and models
    Smart grid security
    Smart grid cyber & physical security
    Large power grid safety control
    Communication-based control and protection
    Smart grid technologies and equipment
    Wind energy generation
    Renewable energy grid
    Smart grid testing
    AI+ Regional energy applications
    AI+Smart grids applications
    Smart sensors and advanced metering infrastructure
    Hybrid smart grid energy system technologies

Track 11. Smart Agriculture and Remote Sensing
Chair: Qingshan She, Hangzhou Dianzi University, China

  • Smart Agriculture concept, architecture, and framework
    Smart Agriculture theory, method, key technologies
    Smart Agriculture platform, security and standards
    Smart Agriculture applications
    Remote Sensing concept, architecture, and framework
    Remote Sensing theory, method, key technologies
    Remote Sensing platform, security and standards
    Smart Agriculture+Remote sensing applications
    AI+ Smart Agriculture

Track 12. Metaverse, Virtual Reality and Digital Twin
Chair: Huajun Li, Hangzhou Dianzi University, China

  • Computational anatomy and digital human
    Metaverse concept, architecture, and framework
    Metaverse theory, method, key technologies and tools
    Metaverse platform, security and standards
    Automotive Metaverse
    Game Metaverse
    Medical Metaverse
    Cultural and Tourism Metaverse
    Industrial Metaverse
    Educational Metaverse
    Virtual Reality concept, architecture, and framework
    Virtual Reality theory, method, key technologies
    Virtual Reality platform, security and standards
    Virtual Reality applications for Education, Health, Industry and Engineering, etc.
    XR&Space key try,etc.